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Military & Law Enforcement/Firefighter/EMT Discount

I am proud to offer a military discount to all current active duty and retired military members. I am also extending this to any active LEO/Firefighter/EMT members in the USA.



1. Select Money Order as form of payment on last step of checkout process (Discount will not work unless this is selected)

2. Use coupon code MILITARY10 in discount box and then click the arrow button on right side of box.

     - Ensure you do the top two steps in order prior to submitting order

     - Trying to apply coupon prior to selecting payment method will show coupon not valid. 

3. Obtain copy of DD214 (with SSN blacked out) or Military ID

4. Obtain copy of LEO/FF/EMT official identification

5. Mail payment and identification requirments listed on instructions.

6. Communicate within 48 hours via reply of order email of mailing time frame (communication is important to this process)


I appreciate what you do for our National and Local protection and want to do something in return. The steps above have come from a select few who have chosen to be dishonest in the past and I cannot just take a persons word for it anymore. 

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all US shipments over $199.99 in the United States

Free Lens Pen

Get a free lens pen with any optics order. Use the code freepen at checkout. Make sure you have added the lens pen to your cart before checking out.

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